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Woolworth’s checkout system makes customers ‘an offer they can’t refuse’

Blog | By Andrew McDonald

9 April 2022

As the saying goes, it was a case of computer says ‘no’ for some Woolworths stores earlier this week. An apparent ‘technical glitch’ meant that customers were not given an option to select ‘no’ when asked if they would like to round up their transaction and donate to charity.

Woolworths checkout glitch

A Reddit user shared this photo of his experience at a Woolworths checkout.

Credit: Reddit

As you can see, it was actually more like a case of computer says ‘yes’, but twice! It was literally an offer the customers couldn’t refuse.

Marlon Brando Quote GIF by Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Time

What happens when you’re asked to round up at the checkout but not given an option to say ‘no’?

Credit: GIPHY – scene from The Godfather.

The story quickly did the rounds across Twitter, Reddit, and blogs. It was also picked up by Channel 7  in what must have been a very slow news day.

Although the supermarket giants have their own dedicated IT teams to implement ‘round up to donate’ initiatives at the checkout, many smaller sized retailers might be wondering how they can also get in on the action of doing good.

There are a range of ways that this can be achieved, including through Roundify, a new platform that bridges commerce to charity.

The Giving Economy

Graphic: Roundify

Roundify is different from other ‘round up for charity’ initiatives. With Roundify, retailers are doing the donating instead of the customer. Retailers automatically round down the transaction and ask their customers to choose which charity the variation is donated to. It’s corporate giving but in a way that puts the customers in charge.

Roundify’s initial retailer, Adoremat, which signed up in March 2022, has already given back to three charities it has linked with: EatUp Australia, Habitat for Humanity Australia and Reach Out Australia.

Adoremat partnership with charities and Roundify

Image: @adoremat on Instagram

The platform lets retailers choose to link up with charities that resonate with their business and customer base. Other charities that are part of the Roundify network include HalfCut, Reef Restoration Foundation, The Leukaemia Foundation, Fitted for Work and Save The Children Australia. 100 per cent of donations go to the designated charities.

Roundify is also exploring ways to enable matching customer donations in the future.

If you have a business and would like to try Roundify for free, please get in touch here.